Square Pig in a Round Hole-January 14, 2017

Square PigNaming a band is an act of concentrated creative expression. Square Pig in a Round Hole exists to reward five favorite band names each week. Winners are (usually) listed alphabetically. Selection is wholly unscientific and subject to whim, with a bias toward wordplay, humor, and local flavor. In most cases, I won’t know anything about the bands at the time of selection. Thanks to the Seattle Times club listings for abundant source material!

It’s warming up and also not raining! Get out and hear some music. Or stay home and make some music. Or get ready to march.

Decent at Best

Like music or literature, band names fall into various genres. I would put this one under Northwest Loser Pride (a personal favorite). Whether honest assessment or an attempt to keep expectations low, this lets everybody off the hook.

Great Good Fine OK

“How are you?” isn’t typically a multiple-choice question, but maybe it should be.

Grip Tape

Honoring a humble substance without which countless drumsticks would be flung into the mosh pit.

Marching Church

It’s time to get out of the sanctuary and take the gospel to the streets.

Mud on My Bra

I applaud the unapologetic feminism tucked into this punk-af name. Nothing about your gender, anatomy, or underwear should stand in the way of doing what gives you joy.


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