Review: Tricky Ground

Tricky Ground by Nan C. Ballard (Not A Pipe Publishing 2023)

Release Date: April 18, 2023. Read the preorder announcement HERE

Tricky Ground provides a satisfying conclusion to the Under Carico’s Moons trilogy. This book is full of thrills, twists, quiet but simmering romance, and stubborn (but lovable) characters overcoming no end of obstacles.

After weeks in the remote canyon enclave of a community of non-human castaways, Lee and Seth carry a diplomatic message back to the leaders of Carico—a message of peace that must be delivered before a satellite survey reveals the hidden village. The difficult journey on horseback through rough country becomes even more complicated when they are pursued by both rebel castaways and a human foe from their past with connections to an organization that wants to control Carico for its own nefarious reasons.

I loved seeing more details of stark, challenging Carico, a planet where humans can live, but not easily. I like that Lee and Seth, while capable and talented, are ordinary folks without a lot of power. They work well as a team and individually to make the most of whatever skills and connections they have to achieve a goal that is bigger than both of them. Their continuing romance, conducted without many words, adds warmth and sweetness to this exciting tale.

I had the privilege of copyediting this book.

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