Square Pig in a Round Hole-August 13, 2022

Naming a band is an act of concentrated creative expression. Square Pig in a Round Hole exists to reward five favorite band names each week. Winners are (usually) listed alphabetically.

Selection is wholly unscientific and subject to whim, with a bias toward wordplay, humor, and local flavor. In most cases, I won’t know anything about the bands at the time of selection. Thanks to the Seattle Times and The Stranger nightlife listings for abundant source material!


Being back at work after a relaxing vacation made retirement look even more appealing. One more year! It was a pretty good week, though, and I knew I had band names to look forward to at the end.

Meanwhile, though the major heat wave is over, it’s still summer, so remember to drink plenty of water, put on sunscreen, and keep wearing those masks! If you are able, please buy these bands’ music and merch to encourage them as we look forward to less interesting times. And … hit the follow button at the lower right to never miss a post!

Beyond Captain Orca!
Pulp adventure novel vibes. Extra points for the punctuation.

Boxes of Foxes
Are they or are they not eating green eggs and ham in there?

Church of the Cosmic Skull
More pulp/B-movie vibes. I’m guessing aliens and mind-control.

Hot Pursuit of Happiness
This one’s in a favorite format, overlapping two common phrases that shouldn’t go together. It’s also peak USA:  unalienable right as high-speed chase.

Sailing Camp
The summeriest of activities, and the apparent opposite of holing up in a dark bar to hear some music.


Two last things before you go:

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