Review: Unrelenting

Unrelenting by Jessi Honard and Marie Parks (Not A Pipe Publishing, April 2022)

A glowing symbol painted on a crumbling wall. 
Sentient smoke that chokes and burns. 
An ancient magic, long hidden from the world.

Bridget’s most important job has always been protecting her younger sister, Dahlia. But as adults, Dahlia pushes her away, determined to live her own life.

Then, Dahlia vanishes. When her car is found submerged in the river, the authorities tell Bridget to prepare for the worst. Nine months later, everyone has given up hope. 

Everyone except Bridget.

When a former classmate of Dahlia’s comes forward with a new lead, Bridget takes matters into her own hands. She ignores the dismissive detective’s warnings and launches her own amateur investigation.

The search leads Bridget to something far more sinister than a typical missing persons case—a carefully-guarded plot tied to powerful, age-old magic. To uncover the truth of what happened to her sister, Bridget must confront this dangerous world, even if it means putting her own life on the line.

My review:

I received an ARC ebook from the publisher and greatly enjoyed this high-energy thriller about an ordinary woman who will not give up the search for her missing sister even when obviously out of her depth. That sibling bond is the most important relationship in the book, without even a hint of a romance subplot to distract from her goal.

Bridget’s sister Dahlia has been missing for months and the investigation has hit nothing but dead ends. When a promising new lead arises, Bridget travels to Cleveland for some amateur sleuthing, with help from an acquaintance of Dahlia’s who may have caught her on video long after she disappeared. When they stumble on a community of immortals with supernatural powers, Bridget knows she’s in over her head—and just keeps going. The danger and obstacles increase the closer she gets to finding Dahlia, but she refuses to give up even when injured, imprisoned, or worse.

This is a fast-paced read, packed with violence (both supernatural and garden variety) but warmed by the unbreakable bond between these young-adult sisters, even when the younger wants to break free of the elder’s protection. And the ending points toward at least one sequel!

More information, including an excerpt and order link, HERE.

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