Square Pig in a Round Hole-November 20, 2021

Cartoon image of a pink square pig in a round hold

Naming a band is an act of concentrated creative expression. Square Pig in a Round Hole exists to reward five favorite band names each week. Winners are (usually) listed alphabetically.

Selection is wholly unscientific and subject to whim, with a bias toward wordplay, humor, and local flavor. In most cases, I won’t know anything about the bands at the time of selection. Thanks to the Seattle Times and The Stranger nightlife listings for abundant source material!

It seems like Thanksgiving is taking a lot of people by surprise this year. Easter, I can understand, but Thanksgiving more or less stays put. That said, I admit to thinking, “Already? Didn’t we just do this?” But I am thankful for band names and live music. In searching the listings this week, I was reminded that one of my favorite local bands, Dead Bars, has a sold-out show on Thanksgiving Eve with past Square Pig honorees Bottlenose Koffins and Dusty Cubby. If you’re lucky enough to go, I want to hear about it!

As ever, and especially if you’re going out to shows again, wash your hands, wear your mask, get your vaccine if you haven’t already, and if you are able, please buy these bands’ music and merch while we wait for even better days.

Bathtub Kin
If you were ever bathed alongside a sibling or cousin, this homemade hooch is for you.
When religion openly claims its title as the opiate of the masses.
When you can’t afford an entire houseboat.
The pun turns something strong into something falling apart.
It turns out magic is real, but only if you have all the pieces of the puzzle. There’s only one or two missing here.


Two last things before you go:

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