Square Pig in a Round Hole-February 9, 2019

Square PigNaming a band is an act of concentrated creative expression. Square Pig in a Round Hole exists to reward five favorite band names each week. Winners are (usually) listed alphabetically.

Selection is wholly unscientific and subject to whim, with a bias toward wordplay, humor, and local flavor. In most cases, I won’t know anything about the bands at the time of selection. Thanks to the Seattle Times club listings for abundant source material!

This weekend’s events have most likely been cancelled. Go back to bed. Or shovel your neighbor’s walk. Or download music by your favorite local bands and/or books by your favorite local authors, snuggle up by the fire, and enjoy this unusual weather. (For readers outside the greater Seattle area: we have several inches of snow on the ground and more on the way. It’s too hilly here to do anything but shut down for a few days. See you after the thaw.) Even if these bands’ gigs get cancelled, I will celebrate them here:

13 Finches

There are 13 ways of looking at a blackbird and 13 ways of being a finch in the Galapagos. But I chose this one because on Thursday, a friend described an art installation consisting of finches and electric guitars. Wish I’d seen/heard it!

Beige Radio

It may be drab on the outside, but the interesting stuff comes from the speakers.

Bible Study

How you get to band practice when your parents disapprove of the devil’s music.

Blackberry Smoke

Not a local band, but this seems like a cocktail or barbecue sauce one might find at our neighborhood smoked meat emporium, local flavor procured from the local bramble.


Passive-aggressive taken to a new level? Or an acceptance letter from your dream publisher?


Updated exciting announcement: My comic haunted house flash fiction story “Aunt Clara’s House” has been accepted as one of 100+ stories by 100+ authors in Itty Bitty Writing Space, a print and e-book anthology to be released in June 2019. The Kickstarter had a wildly successful launch, allowing the addition of 4 more authors and receiving enough pledges to a 48-hour library benefit to provide 256 books to libraries. The campaign continues through February 21 and there are many wonderful premiums available at all levels, even $1. Learn more and back the campaign here.

One last thing: I share highlights from this blog in my quarterly author newsletter, as well as news of what I’m writing and reading, and other goodies. It’s called The Storypunk Report and the first issue is out! Click the link to check it out and subscribe here for future issues.

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