Our Furry Friends #4

Cake & Quill is a collective that publishes themed fiction anthologies and donates the proceeds to a charity related to the theme. Paws and Claws, to be set loose on the world on April 1, has an animals theme and includes two stories and some haiku by yours truly. Proceeds will go to Bob’s House for Dogs, which provides hospice care for dogs and readies senior dogs for adoption, among other good works. This post features my essay on pets from my past.

Cake & Quill

Karen Eisenbrey, who is today’s woman of choice to tell us about her pet experiences, lives in Seattle, so naturally she isn’t just a writer but also a drummer and backup singer in a garage band.

Karen donated two stories and a few haikus to our upcoming anthology, Paws & Claws.


Cat People Adopt a Dog

We had always been cat people.
By “always,” I mean my lifetime, which at that time was about nine years. In those days, we had two cats, a petite longhaired calico named Calico and her son, a lanky longhaired orange tabby named Rover.
We’d had short-lived starter pets before: goldfish and a guinea pig. I didn’t know other pets were even an option until my older sister campaigned successfully for a dog.
One day we went to the Humane Society and came home with the world’s cutest puppy. White with black spots…

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