Wizard Girl

Wizard Girl new cover 2020 eBook cover edit 1_31_21Now available from Not A Pipe Publishing! Wizard Girl (Book 2 in the Daughter of Magic trilogy)

It’s been two years since the incident at the Governor’s Mansion. Luskell and her family are doing well in Eukard City. While an epidemic rages and a strangler stalks the streets of the city, Luskell trains and works as a healer, but she aspires to greater power. Though everyone knows girls can’t become wizards, she persuades Wizard Bardin to make her his apprentice. Luskell leaves the city on a quest for new magic and to explore mysteries that have more to do with love and desire. But the strangler follows her. She must gain the trust of old friends and an unexpected ally if she’s going to stop the murderer before he strikes again.

Character List: Readers have requested a character list with pronunciations. I have heard their plea! Find that resource here.

“A cleverly plotted YA fantasy adventure filled with complex and charismatic characters.” The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“This story does a fabulous job of connecting growing up to learning: learning about love, about sexuality, about sacrifice, about power, about loss, and yes, about magic.”

-Benjamin Gorman, author of the novels Corporate High School and Don’t Read This Book

Pushing boundaries, challenging tradition and thumbing her nose at convention are what make Luskell a fantastic heroine. She bravely makes mistakes, humbly fixes them and confidently follows her dreams no matter the cost. Underestimate this wizard girl at your own peril!”

-Mikko Azul, author of The Staff of Fire and Bone

“Karen Eisenbrey is a rockstar. You’ll love this book — it’s got that perfect mix of magic, suspense, and wizards!”

-Kate Ristau, author of Shadow Girl and Shadow Queene

“Wizard Girl does an excellent job at intertwining magic with a coming of age story. It feels like magic is one of the growing pains we all go through. The characters are beautifully diverse and the story is masterfully written.”

-Sang Kromah, author of Djinn and the forthcoming sequel, Folon

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On Saturday, July 27, 2019, I had the privilege of reading and signing at my neighborhood book shop, Third Place Books–Ravenna. If you’re in Seattle, that would be a great place to pick up a copy of Wizard Girl, Daughter of Magic, or Strongly Worded Women. They even have some signed copies!