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Review: Back to Green

Back to GreenBack to Green: Part 3 of the Going Green Trilogy by Heather S. Ransom (Not A Pipe Publishing, 2020)

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Back to Green wraps up Ransom’s Going Green trilogy with an exciting and satisfying story that keeps a few surprises until the end. (If you haven’t read Going Green and Greener yet, what are you waiting for? This one could be read on its own but will make much more sense with that background.)

Calyssa Brentwood used to be a spoiled rich girl. At 18, she underwent the Green enhancement procedure that would allow her to photosynthesize and be part of high-class Green society. As the process was taking effect, she fell hard for non-Green Gabe Stayton and learned about the anti-Green, anti-GMO rebellion taking place just outside SciCity. Then she and Gabe both suffered terrible losses for which they blamed each other, ending their romance. But when their home was destroyed in a flood, Calyssa and her father sought refuge with the Staytons on their farm. Back to Green opens in that awkward position, with Calyssa and Gabe on speaking terms but not much else.

Calyssa’s father has contracted the deadly PKPH virus and is returning to AGHA (his research institute) to begin an experimental treatment. He wants Lyssa with him. In packing to leave, Lyssa and Gabe discover a journal from over a century before, when plants were dying from the PK virus and the Green enhancement was being developed as a way to save lives and resources. The friendship warms over this shared interest. But her return to AGHA puts her back in the orbit of charismatic Maddax Steele … and Eve Huxley, the mother who doesn’t remember her but is obsessed with her DNA for a project to create superior humans.

Calyssa is often scared to the point of hysteria, but who wouldn’t be, living in the same building as a driven psychopath who has lost all empathy? She doesn’t know who she can trust and almost drives friends and family away. But she finds her courage when she needs it, risking everything for a friend.

I appreciated how Calyssa and Gabe didn’t just get back together, forgive and forget, no hard feelings. The relationship they rebuild is earned. The book ends on an upbeat note, full of surprises, including one that leaves the door open for more stories.

After losing her sister and almost losing her father, Calyssa Brentwood is finally returning to a somewhat “normal” life … until the PKPH virus mutates and attacks, and she once again finds herself scrambling. When her maniacal mother who had been presumed dead resurfaces for a second time, there’s far more danger than Lyssa has ever known. But now, when it matters most, she must decide who she should trust and what is truly worth fighting for.

“Riveting, intense, and thought-provoking. Back to Green masterfully weaves the action and tragedy of unregulated science and politics with hope for a better future.”

Mikko Azul, author of The Staff of Fire and Bone

“This series grows with every installment, and Back to Green is a perfect conclusion. Nothing short of a triumph!”

Benjamin Gorman, author of Corporate High School


Review of: Going Green

going-green-ebook-coverGoing Green by Heather S. Ransom (Not a Pipe Publishing, 2017)

This appealing young-adult novel begins in the shallow end, with high school girls giggling and squealing about the latest development in protagonist Calyssa’s life. From there, it dives deep into issues of class privilege, inequality, and genetic modification in a high-tech post-post-apocalyptic future where the chosen elite get to “go Green.” Calyssa is near the beginning of this process, which enhances humans with modified chloroplasts so they can make energy from sunlight, water and air, freeing up the time that would be spent finding, preparing, and eating food. Green citizens are supposed to use this time making the world a better place, while non-Greens do the necessary grunt work to support them. Meanwhile, anti-GMO rebels are attacking experimental crops outside the safe enclave of SciCity.

Although Calyssa has sympathy for the poor, deprived non-Greens, she believes the party line that those who aren’t chosen

Heather S. Ransom

must be less intelligent, less deserving than Greens. A sudden change in Spring Break plans puts her in the home of a friend whose non-Green farming family reveals a side of the class divide she’d never considered. A week with these kind, down-to-earth folk changes her mind about a lot of things—including her friend’s handsome, intelligent brother Gabe. Can love between Green and non-Green survive as tensions heat up between extremists on both sides? The book ends before we find out, but an epilogue hints at sequels yet to come.

I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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