Stories (Within): An Anthology of Stories within Stories

Stories (Within): An Anthology of Stories within Stories (Not A Pipe Publishing, 2022)

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The tradition of a story within another traces back before recorded history. The snake has been eating its own tail for 7000 years. This collection is an experiment. These authors contributed pieces in different genres. In each, a character tells a story … but the authors did not know what the story within would be! The question underlying the exercise is straightforward: Are stories so fundamental to our humanity that any story can serve as both a frame around, and an illustration within, any other? Thanks to the talent of these skilled storytellers, the result is a marvelous series of matryoshka dolls which nest inside one another, proof we exist encircled by narrative.

Including stories by Benjamin Gorman, Mark Teppo, Rick M. Cook, Karen Eisenbrey, Barb Lachenbruch, Susan Hammerman, Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito, LM Zaerr, Dr. Bunny McFadden, Ann Ornie, Debby Dodds, and Gabby Gilliam … then Benjamin Gorman, Gabby Gilliam, Debby Dodds, Ann Ornie, Dr. Bunny McFadden, LM Zaerr, Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito, Susan Hammerman, Barb Lachenbruch, Karen Eisenbrey, Rick M. Cook, Mark Teppo, and Benjamin Gorman.

(My contribution to this project, “A Visitor on a Rainy Night,” is set in the world of my Daughter of Magic fantasy trilogy and takes place “offstage” from the prequel series I am working on now.)

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