Reconstructing Christmas: an Anthology

Book cover image for Reconstructing Christmas, an anthology. A collage of family photos, Christmas card envelopes, and encouraging Scripture verses.

Reconstructing Christmas, an anthology edited by S. J. Blasko

The holidays can be a difficult and lonely time, especially for those who might be estranged from the family and faith traditions of their youth. Reconstructing Christmas recognizes and holds space for that pain, while also seeking to offer hope, acceptance, encouragement, and love to LGBTQ+ Christians who might be facing similar estrangements this Christmas season.

The 160 page collection features poetry, sermons, devotional reflections, and short stories from 15 different authors.

(My story, “Knitting a Cap for Marina,” features Carol Anne Cochran, lead guitarist for St. Rage. She is introduced in The Gospel According to St. Rage.)

My Review:

I am happy to have a story in this themed collection of poetry, sermons, devotional reflections, and short fiction. It offers holiday warmth and uplift while recognizing that Christmas can be fraught and complicated, perhaps especially for LGBTQIA+ Christians who may be estranged from family and faith traditions.

Recommended for readers who identify as both Christian and queer, and for those who love them.