The Gospel According to St. Rage

Gospel re-release eBook cover edit 1‘A character-led, magical tale. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’ The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Meet Barbara Bernsen, Former Invisible Girl. 

Barbara isn’t your typical high school junior. She’s been invisible since the third grade. But when a magic hat brings her back into the light, Barbara is ready to take on the world. First priority? Start an all-girl garage band. Miraculous super powers were never in her plan, but sometimes you get what you need. Bullies and school shooters don’t stand a chance.

Yes, we all love Wonder Woman, Black Widow, and Jessica Jones, but Barbara is the hero her high school deserves.

Truth. Justice. Rock & Roll.

This is a wonderful book for anybody who has felt invisible and who has problems fitting in. Powerful, well-composed dialogue helps the characters to jump off the page. I enjoyed every word.

— Female reader, aged 15 (Wishing Shelf Book Awards)

The Gospel According to St. Rage is so great, you will regret not reading it yesterday.  

— Benjamin Gorman, author of Corporate High School and The Sum of Our Gods

. . . a witty, intelligent and humorous tale of empowerment, friendship and anxiety and, as the cream on top of it all, comes with its own soundtrack.

— Angelika Rust, author of the Resident Witch series and Tales of Istonnia

This ain’t your momma’s young adult novel.  And it ain’t your daddy’s comic book.  It’s a real story, based in reality, with a little bit of fun superpowers thrown in…and I have to say, the powers themselves are some of the most creative I’ve seen.

Give this book a read…seriously.

— Adam Oster, author of The Agora Files and Buddy Hero

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St. Rage is fictional but the songs are real! Listen here:

For more music and even a St. Rage T-shirt, check out the merch page.

Are you reading it with a book club? Here are a few Book Club Questions to get the discussion rolling!

On August 24, 2016, I put on a book launch and concert featuring readings and songs from the book. Listen here!