Barbara and the Rage Brigade

Cover art by Maggie Gauntt

Barbara’s starting over.

She’s happy to leave high school behind, but now she has to make new friends when her bandmates leave town for college, and has to get control of her rage-fueled superpowers without her parents finding out. Just when an invitation for another band’s record release explodes into the gig of a lifetime, Barbara starts noticing weird circumstances around a cult-like megachurch. Guess Barbara has to make her own superteam!

Look out, world: Here comes the Rage Brigade!

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“A character-led YA fantasy with plenty of twists to keep you guessing.”
The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“Who is my neighbor? Consider yourself lucky if it’s Barbara and her Rage Brigade. In the sequel The Gospel According to St. Rage, Barbara contends with life after high school, figures out how to form her own super team, and stands up for justice. In the best tradition of superheroes-are-among-us, Barbara and the Rage Brigade is at turns funny, poignant, and uplifting.”|
LeeAnn McLennan
author of The Supernormal Legacy trilogy

“This fantastic sequel is a different kind of coming-of-age story: Instead of a young teen defining her own identity, we have Barbara, a young adult who already has power, discovering how to use that power to build a community and engage with society. Oh, and also laugh-out-loud moments, super-powers, and rock and roll!”
Benjamin Gorman
author of Corporate High School and Don’t Read This Book

The band may be fictional, but the songs are real! I’m releasing four new songs with this book as an EP titled “Fireworks at the End.” Check it out now:

Listen to book-launch reading and concert here!