The Unicornskin Drum by Stella Bahin

Review of The Unicornskin Drum by Stella Bahin

The Unicornskin DrumThe Unicornskin Drum is a brief, beautiful story, full of light, darkness, and mystery; fitting for “an original folktale,” as it is described by Three Drops Press. The tale is written in clear, accessible English, but with enough poetic and archaic quirks to give it a genuine folktale feel.

The protagonist, known for most of the story only as The Knitter, expects her story to end in a happy marriage. Through tragedy, unexpected friendship, and the gift of a very special drum that speaks to her heart, she discovers a different path for herself.

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that I enjoyed a book about a girl and her drum. To say more about the plot would give away too many secrets; much of the story has to do with what you keep to yourself. I bought a copy to send to my niece for her 12th birthday, taking time to read it before I shipped it off. It turns out to be very fitting for a reader on the cusp of adolescence, beginning to discover her own path.

This short book–I read it in an hour–is full of beautiful imagery and unexpected depth. I may have to pick up another copy for myself.