Death’s Midwife

Cover art by  Michaela Thorn

Daughter of Magic Book 3: Death’s Midwife (Not A Pipe Publishing 2021) is now available in paperback, hardcover, and on Kindle.

When Luskell returns to Eukard City to claim her wizard’s staff, she has no plans to advertise her skill for visiting the dead on the Other Side. Word gets out anyway, and she can’t say no to those who would benefit from her specialty. But a spirit of legend called Old Mother Bones objects to a living soul trespassing on her domain. When Luskell refuses to heed her demands, Old Mother Bones threatens the person dearest to Luskell’s heart. It will take all Luskell’s power-and all her friends-to find the legend’s weakness before it’s too late.

A wellcrafted fantasy adventure with a strong, female
The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“Girl power at its best! Smashing through wizarding boundaries and redefining opportunities for career and life, Luskell’s magical journey comes full-circle as she shapes a long-forgotten skill into a new destiny for herself and those who would follow her.”

Mikko Azul, author of The Staff of Fire and Bone

“Luskell has grown from a girl trying to discover her power, to a teen breaking glass ceilings, to a woman defining her place in the world, building a community, and lifting up others. This is third wave, intersectional feminist fantasy lit, and I am here for it!”

Benjamin Gorman, author of Corporate High School

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